Robert Sandiford

PHP Developer

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Web Projects

Laravel content management system

Laravel CMS

Technologies: Laravel, Twitter Bootstrap, Blade (HTML/CSS)

The basics of a content management system built in laravel

About Robert Sandiford

Practice Design Project


Technologies: Twitter Bootstrap, Blade (HTML/CSS)

A learning project to work on my design.


Experimental bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange


Technologies: HTML 5 canvas / jQuery / AJAX / PHP / MySQL

Incomplete project, features a working exchange, but not connected to any actual crypto network.

testing log in details: / abcdefgh

Wordpress website

Technologies: Wordpress (HTML/CSS/PHP) is a wordpress based photography and studio hire website.

Coding: Robert Sandiford

Design: Savoir faire & Robert Sandiford


Edits on a "yellow pages" style PHP site.


Technologies: PHP / MVC / MySQL / HTML / CSS / Responsive / jQuery

whatZwhere uses a prebuilt PHP script based on a proprietary MVC model. I worked on making changes and additions to this.

E.g. the pagination, and scrolling effects on the linked page are my work.

Other things I've done

Google Maps. Paypal Payment integration. XML feeds

Technologies: Reading XML feeds, Communicating with APIs, Integrations with google services (Maps, Captchas)

This site

Anything here is built by me, mostly using laravel and or twitter bootstrap.

Web Clients

Not Another Bill


Technologies: Wordpress / WooCommerce / MySQL

I worked mainly on data integrity issues that were lingering from the past transfer of data between systems.

SP Design

-now closed-

SimpliSites were a set of websites made on a single modifyable wordpress template.

I built a template with an overrides file allowing individual sites to be customised, and a system that automatically updated each site when we updated the template, incorporating changes.


ARPL - 'ArmA Life' Mod

Technologies: ArmA modding languages - SQF (scripting) and C-like code (static definitions)

ARPL wanted some help to complete their hobby-driven modification/game mode for the ArmA engine.